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Bridle rings provide fast and cost-effective alternative cable management solution for network cable pathway applications. They are ideal for voice, data, low voltage, video or control. Our products are engineered and manufactured to make installs easier.

  • Provides great support, eliminating stress, and following the natural curves and bends of cable
  • Can be used on walls and ceilings, making them ideal for multi-directional cable runs
  • Designed with an open loop for easy cable installation
  • When using a bridle ring with high performance data cable, a saddle is required to ensure proper bend
Bridle Rings w/ Saddle
Bridle Rings
Bridle Rings Stainless
Bridle Rings w/ Beam Clamp
Bridle Rings w/ Spring Steel Beam Clamp
Bridle Rings w/ Angle Bracket
Bridle Rings Hammer On
Bridle Rings w/ Batwings
Bridle Rings w/ Anchor
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